4 Valentine’s Day Inspired Budget Prom Dresses For Wedding Season

With the coming of Valentine’s Day, wedding season is also around the corner! If you have been invited to a Valentine’s Day wedding, it is time to get out your prom dress, pack some wishes, and celebrate love with your friends or family. As a wedding guest, it is necessary to know how to look chic while never upstage the bride. Inspired by the romantic Valentine’s Day, here are 4 budget prom dresses at DressilyMe.com to have you looking great to a wedding.

1. Classic Red Budget Prom Dresses for Formal Weddings

If your style is more classic, the halter wedding guest dress can be a smart choice. The beading top makes it modern and graceful while the beading top and halter neckline keep it classy and refined. This prom dress is glamorous for any wedding. Go for a pair of heeled pumps for elongating your legs and no need to wear any jewelry. Since the beading details on the top have been a statement while the sweetheart neckline adds touches of romance.

2. Short Budget Prom Dresses for Casual Weddings

If you are not into the long prom dress, consider this strapless short prom dress. It features a stylish pleated overlay shape but is extremely vibrant due to its sensuous chiffon material. Whether you are attending a beach wedding or formal black-tie affair, this budget prom dress is beyond elegant and perfect to show your glamour. Throw on a necklace and finish with a pair of high heels to spice it up even more.

3. Asymmetric Wedding Guest Dresses for Black-tie Affairs

For a super elegant look, this asymmetric prom dress featuring a single shoulder design with a ruffle trim will be a standard outfit for any wedding. The look is a cute compromise for lady who is following modest style. All you need is to dress it up with some simple accessories such a pair of stilettos or vintage style earrings. For its super exquisite design, the dress can be donned as a bridesmaid dress.

4. Modest Red Wedding Guest Dresses for Valentine’s Day Weddings

The full length A-line red prom dress is simple, feminine and comfortable. Featuring a sweetheart neckline with an embellished rosette design to the middle of top, this dress is ravishing. To complete with a pop star look, pair with glittery accessories.

Any of the above wedding guest dresses at DressilyMe.com suits your style? Which prom dress do you like best then? Are you attending any weddings in the upcoming Valentine’s Day? Tell us what you think or share your own experiences with dressing up for weddings in the comment below.

Applying Project Management in Wedding Organisation

Organisation is a key ingredient of any successful wedding. It is essentially a massive project management exercise where a wide range of resources have to come together from a point in time perhaps a year or more out, to deliver in a very specific time window on a very specific date.

As such the planning and organisation of the wedding has to be treated like a project in a business and the methodology of project management needs to be applied including identifying the packages of tasks that need to be delivered and in which order, the timeline for those tasks, the dependencies between those tasks and the risks associated with the tasks.

Numbers of tasks are then bundled together into ‘stages’ and each stage carries a risk analysis and mitigation assessment. In this exercise you have to examine what the risks are of all of the tasks in the stage and the Bride and Groom have to put plans in place to mitigate or avoid as many risks as possible. For example one risk might be ‘what if the Bride’s car doesn’t turn up?’ First we assess the likelihood of the risk as low but we mitigate the risk by putting in place an action to counter the risk i.e. Dad’s car is on standby with brother driving if the Bride’s Car doesn’t turn up. You can take risk analysis one step further by saying what if Bride’s car doesn’t turn up and Dad’s car wont start? Again it is a case of assessing the level of risk and mitigation.

Getting married should be the happiest time of your life but it can also be stressful. Communication has to be one of the key issues in the organisation of a wedding. Essentially you have a project with many components and many players involved, all of which has to be co-ordinated. In many cases the same pieces of information may have to be conveyed many times to many different people. This could include, where to stay, the wedding guest list, how to RSVP, where to obtain photos, travel and directions, what the Bride’s mother is wearing, the reception seating plan. In pure project management terms the ideal solution to this dissemination of information is to post all of the critical information online in one easy to access location and point all enquiries to that location. Only where the exceptions occur do you have to intervene to answer questions.

Using classic project management techniques to manage a wedding will save time effort and stress.

Indian Wedding Planner Guide

wedding planner continues to invent new ways and ideas to provide a unique experience of marriage to all our customers giving primary importance to their entries and desires. You can choose between a beach, adventure, wedding palaces or suggest a single theme and our team takes care of all the ingredients to making your wedding the cherished memory for life.

The services provided by Wedding Planner are:

Meeting place of marriage: choosing a venue perfect for your wedding dreamer range in the first arrangement of things while providing a marriage. The venue of marriage is one of the most significant of a marriage because it provides the basis for genuine theme. Therefore, whether the scenic surroundings of Kerala, arrangements or royal Rajasthan picturesque beaches of Goa our wedding planner films amusement reserve the venue for the most desired wedding.

Trousseau marriage: If you want a keychain or traditional simple and casual look with a formal Western team with the help of professional designers will provide the wedding dress the fine.

Calendar of marriage: marriage our schedule will provide all information relevant to your wedding in advance. The timing of marriage couples aspiring provides all the information needed to predict their marriage just the way they want.

Theme of marriage: marriage with a theme are the most modern celebrate the event illustrates. Depending on your interest and enjoy a perfect theme will be chosen after consultation couples. Topics like the royal wedding theme, the theme of fairy tale or any specific color theme will give a unique approach to your marriage.

Accommodation: Funfilm find all the answers about your housing needs with a choice of five-star hotels to other humble dwellings.

Transport: Wedding organiser provides all your transportation, your right to receive from the airport, your transportation during your stay; everything will be taken into account. For those looking for royal tours for their great that our team will provide the limo, the vehicle means the aristocracy, nobility. We film the fun arrange for you with the same floral decoration.

Priest of marriage: The priest or pastor is an integral part of each marriage. For the Hindu wedding, the priest of marriage must be a Brahmin, because the Christians that this must be a Catholic therefore wedding planner charge to the priest for those who await with interest a traditional Indian wedding.

Restoration: Arrange a series of sumptuous delicacies as exotic menus for guests with a mixture of Indian and foreign cuisines. For a slap-up meal you need a wonderful menu. And soon you decide that the menu surpasses that work with caterers. The menu will be decided depending on your preference and budget. Depending on your choice will be a menu for your guests that caterers provide vegetarian kitchens and non-vegetarian.

Floral decoration and light: The fresh flowers like roses, orchids, marigold, gerberas, etc.. may increase the overall look of the traditional look and ethnic Funfilm can do them with your consent.

Video and still photography: Appoint a photographer and professional visual assurance to capture moments of your life on tape.

Cultural Programs: The song and dance is an integral part of all marriages, without which it seems unfinished. Funfilm arrange the dancers indigenous / folk to perform at weddings.

Wedding cake: Arrange your wedding cakes and Champagne. We can provide you with any kind of cakes and champagne depending on your taste and theme of your wedding