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Advantages of Powder Coating Over Conventional Liquid Paint Coating

As opposed to paint coating, powder coating is a form of coating that is achieved by the use of a dry powder. Normally, the powder coating doesn’t explore the option of using solvents that is usually compulsory for paint coatings. To make the powder coat to flow over the surface of the object being coated, a curing process of the powder has to be induced by the use of heat. Powder coating is becoming more and more prevalent due to the large number of benefits attributed to its use as we shall discuss.

Firstly, the powder coating doesn’t require the use of solvents and it therefore doesn’t release the much volatile organic compounds into the environment. Due to their potential for polluting the environment, volatile organic components should rarely be used. With the presence of less contaminants in the coatings, there is a chance for a safe environment for both of us to inhabit. Moreover, for industries handling powder coatings, there is no need to worry of dealing with volatile organic components and this is a great financial relief for them. This allows these industries to invest money that would have otherwise gone into pollution management into other processes.

Secondly, powder coatings are able to give a tougher and a thicker coating than the conventional paint coatings. Objects coated with powder are therefore able to last longer since they enjoy more protection owing to the thick coating on their surface. Over and above this, coating replacement costs are also reduced and this is a major advantage for people seeking to manage their production costs. The appearance of the coated object is also maintained since there is less abrasions to be done on it since no coat replacements are required.

Powder coating also has the advantage of making it possible for the designers to achieve more design patterns on the coated object than is possible for objects coated with other coating materials. This flexibility of the powder coatings therefore makes it possible for the designers to come up with as many design patterns as the client may have need of and this leads to more client satisfaction.

Lastly, powder coatings require less curing periods as opposed to the liquid paint coating processes. The curing process for liquid paint coatings is done by the use of cold air being allowed to flow over the coated object and this process is usually long and uncontrolled. The purpose of the dry air is to force the paint coat to dry and stick to the coated object. On the other hand, for powder coating, the curing process can be induced and can therefore be controlled by varying the curing parameters such as heat and this significantly reduces production time.

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