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Escape Room Winterthur: All You Need to Know About Escape Game

When it comes to escape game, it is becoming highly popular not only to the young ones but also to adults, that can be played online and in actual physical settings. In an escape room game, it involves a series of riddles and puzzles using hints, clues, and strategies to complete a particular task to meet the primary objective which is to escape a room. An escape room game is a very exciting and fun team activity that involves real-life and team-based puzzle games, wherein players are locked up in a room to solve riddles and puzzles to get out of the escape room. An escape room game usually composed of 4 to 20 people, and since it is a team game, it requires teamwork and camaraderie.

You have to find a key, a key combination, or you need to activate some sort of mechanism to unlock the final door. Escape room games have themes depending on the characters and ambiance the host wants to portray such as a halloween theme, maze, military and combat, treasure and maps, and even restaurant and food. Safety is the priority when it comes to escaping room games, so the theme and atmosphere are planned with great collaborative efforts of interior designer, architect, engineer, and builders. The common decorations in an escape rooms are jail bars, dirty concrete interiors, cob webs, antique or old items, maps, globe, and treasure-like items. When it comes to the puzzle games in an escape room, you need to find hidden objects around the room, answer a small crossword, match and recognize patterns, use your spatial and visual reasoning, and putt together all related objects. The puzzles in an escape room are bot really the logic type, so you have to think outside of the box and use your wit and creativity. As you escape one room, the level of tasks and puzzles becomes more complicated until you get closer to the end with these puzzles fitting together to form a linear sequence.

The typical escape room takes about sixty minutes to escape with an average of 45% escape rate. The physical components you’ll find in an escape room include a locked door, locks and keys, multiple rooms, and hidden doors. The first room players enter will not be the only room that they need to solve the entire game. The ability of the players to carry out instructions or pull away objects would determine their access to these hidden doors, which are usually activated by electronic or magnetic switches. Do you want to learn more about escape room games? Come and visit the ultimate Escape Room Winterthur and learn more how to get out and win cool prizes in an escape room!

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