Reasons Why You Need a Wedding DJ

A wedding is a very important day in the life of a woman and she wants things to be just perfect on her big day. It is a day that most girls have dreamed of for a very long time. To make this day memorable and picture perfect, a lot of organisation and preparation is required. The couple may go about making the arrangements themselves or may engage the services of an event manager. One important decision to make is whether to have a DJ at the wedding or not. Many couples may choose not to have one considering the expense involved. A playlist on an iPod may well serve the purpose. But they should seriously consider having a DJ for the following reasons,-

• A DJ can make the whole occasion lively and entertaining in an easy way.

• He can act as a kind of Master of Ceremonies, introducing guests and making important announcements.

• His choice of music will almost always be impeccable, but it is also a good idea to decide on a rough playlist in advance.

• A DJ can gauge the mood of the guests and change the music appropriately. They have a whole lot of music at their fingertips. His music can provide that extra zing to a wedding party.

• Most DJs can handle all the technical issues related to the music such as placing the speakers, adjusting volumes and balancing the sound. They can usually double up as the trouble shooter.

• If the DJ is enthusiastic, his enthusiasm will rub off on the guests.

• Many guests are very shy and inhibited. A boisterous DJ can help to draw them out of their shell and persuade them to take the dance floor.

• A DJ can help with the setting of the dance floor.

• A DJ can play special songs on request and also dedicate songs to any person.

Basically all that is needed for the wedding is the bride and groom and a couple of ‘I dos’. Throwing in a DJ can make an important day in the life of a young couple very memorable. A very mundane wedding ceremony can be transformed into a rocking party with the help of the DJ. A good DJ can take a lot of stress away from the wedding organisations and by choosing appropriate music and interacting with the guests can help them to shed their inhibitions and enjoy the party.

5 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner

Organising a wedding should be one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable things we can do in our lives. With so much to arrange, plan and book, the initial prospect of the sheer amount of things to do can be quite daunting and it is important that there is a clear plan together with strict organisation to ensure that everything goes to plan on your big day. If you are looking to remove all stress from your wedding you may choose to hire a wedding planner.

The role of a wedding planner is to draw on experience and knowledge to give you a wedding day you and your future husband can enjoy for the rest of your lives. You can always benefit from the advice and input from friends and family but each bride is ideally looking for a unique day and will have their own ideas and dreams that they would like to see incorporated into their wedding. A professional will listen to your suggestions, present you with a range of styles and themes for your day and source all necessary services and items and work with you to create the ultimate wedding day you’ve always dreamed of.

There are a few top tips for why you may want to think about hiring a wedding day.

Reduce Stress

A wedding planner has the knowledge and experience and relevant contacts to have everything they need to hand for your wedding day. Every wedding is different and a professional can present you with ideas you may never have thought of which in turn will reduce the stresses of trying to find unique ideas yourself. They will also know the approximate costs and necessary time frames to put everything in place and can advise you on what needs to be done when.

Time Management

A wedding organiser knows what to do and when and can take on the role of your personal assistant when it comes to your wedding. They can make calls, respond to emails and arrange appointments for you and ensure everything is ordered in time.

Budget Management

With experience of knowing where to source specific items, professional help on your big day can mean the difference between over spending and sticking to your budget. Industry contacts and referrals and recommendations may mean that a professional is able to secure the best prices not available to the general public.

Attention To Detail

Doing the same thing each week means a professional planner is able to maintain control of even the smallest aspects of your big day. For areas or items that we may think are easily overlooked, a professional will ensure each part of your big day is covered.


A wedding planner is there to control the organisation of your big day and to reassure you that everything is running to plan. If you’re unsure as to whether everything has been done, if people know where they need to go and whether the bridesmaids have the right hair pieces, a wedding planner can be on hand to support you and offer the necessary reassurances to leave you free to just enjoy the biggest day of your life.

Il Matrimonio Perfetto – The Perfect Wedding

Whatever happens in your life your wedding day is the one day with no second chances – everything has to be just right.

Have you ever dreamt of the perfect wedding set against a twinkling gold and azure shoreline, the warm Mediterranean air embracing your perfect service and mingling with the smell of citrus trees and the tang of the sea?

Well, not surprisingly these days more and more people are opting to go abroad for their weddings, and Italy being not only relatively local, culturally similar and having some of the most beautifully romantic locations in the world has become more and more popular.

Many of these people opt for a traditional Italian wedding set on the beautiful Amalfitana coast near Naples overlooking the stunning bay of Amalfi, or in Lombardy set by one of the Italian Lakes such as Lake Como, Lake Maggiore or Lake Garda.

There’s also the weather to take into account; in Italy you are almost guaranteed sunshine and a bright beautiful day whereas in the UK you always need to have your raincoat on standby, how many Great British weddings are painted with grey skies and punctuated with sudden downpours?

But, how do you go about organising something about this? What are the legal complications? What about the language, the ceremony?

This is where a specialist independent wedding planner comes into the equation. Most people use a wedding planner as they realise that they need someone with the organisational skills and on-the-ground knowledge that these specialists supply.

An independent wedding organiser sees their role as facilitator and communicator in the planning process thus ensuring that they bring the vision of your most romantic day to life.
Many of the couples who opt for an Italian wedding are professional couples in their thirties, forties or fifties who already know what they like and fully appreciate the need of having a professional planner sort out their day.

They hire someone to plan their trip and wedding service in Italy to keep control of it for them not to control it for them. The emphasis is always very much on the personal choice of the couple and not just forcing them down a particular route.

This is why independent Italian wedding organisers can be much more successful in meeting and surpassing your expectations, exactly because they are independent.

With the larger companies you may find yourself channelled in a particular way as it fits their ‘partner profile’ – i.e. you only get a choice of services from their partners and this can be limiting as quite often you are never told the full story about what could be available to you.