Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, confusing and stressful – despite all the excitement of organising your special day, for many brides it can all get too much. A wedding planner can be a solution – no matter what your budget is – and help you to save money, plan efficiently and most of all, get the wedding you want.

Consulting an expert takes the pressure off you as the sole organiser (let’s face it, not many men take an active role in the whole process!) and can be a welcome change from pushy and conflicting advice that you might get from friends and family.

If you choose to go with a wedding planner, make sure you research them and their company carefully. Word of mouth recommendation is a great way to find someone you can trust, and meeting someone in person can help you get a feel for whether you can get along with this person for the next few months! When you’re looking for professional guidance, you need to bear in mind that your ideas might not be feasible for your budget – you want to strike a balance between being able to trust your planner’s experience and knowing that they will do their best to accommodate all your wishes. Also make sure they have insurance and that their fee is all inclusive so you don’t get stung with any extra charges later on. Some wedding planners will be on hand all the way up to and including your wedding day, so they are available to deal with any last minute issues or wobbles.

A wedding planner can help you in the following ways:

– Save time. On average, brides spend around 200 hours organising her wedding, which adds up to nearly six weeks in total!

– Save money. Add ‘wedding’ or ‘bridal’ onto pretty much any product and you can be assured that a significant price mark-up will also be added. Sad, but true. A wedding planner can help you to get the best deals, the best prices and show you how to cut corners and save some pennies.

– Give you direction. You might know a great florist, a wonderful caterer and have your wedding dress bought and accessorised, but there are often areas of wedding organisation that brides are clueless about. A wedding planner can fill in the gaps in your knowledge and help you to achieve your goals.

– Help you make decisions. If you have a tendency to be indecisive, or are simply reluctant to make a big decision about your wedding without help, a wedding planner can help you to make the right choice – from wedding favours to your venue.

– Be your back-up. Wedding planners are generally creative, enthusiastic and very well organised people! They may come up with ideas you haven’t thought of, and have experience of situations where you need a back up plan or emergency fixes. Having someone who knows exactly what they’re doing can ease a lot of the stress of planning your wedding.

– Provide an honest opinion. You might have your heart set on releasing 100 white doves at the peak of your ceremony, or wearing a princess dress to rival Katie Price’s pink meringue, but whereas your friends and family may not want to hurt your feelings by telling you it’s a bad idea, your wedding planner will be honest and find a way to compromise on cost and feasibility. Especially where your wedding dress is concerned – it’s great to have an objective eye to help you find the right one.

– Negotiate. Wedding planners are there to do the hard work while you’re busy at work, busy with life or otherwise unable to do it yourself. They can negotiate better prices and work out contracts with suppliers.

A wedding planner can be a worthwhile investment and end up saving you money on your overall budget, even including their fee. If you feel you need professional organisation to help you plan your wedding then start looking into reputable wedding planners – check out wedding website forums, message boards, listings and reviews to get an idea of reputations and styles and find someone who’s right for you and your wedding.

Wedding Locations in the UK

The wedding day becomes the most beautiful and special memory of your life. You always recall the love and affection of your closed ones. It is the best day of your life and deserves to be celebrated in its full sense. Among all the wedding arrangement, you can never deny the importance of the wedding location. It is very important for making your wedding day unique and memorable.

The unitary state, United Kingdom, having four countries England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, offers a wide range of wedding locations. The wedding venues provide a superb combination of excitement, pleasure and many long lasting memories.

Forever Green is a superb wedding location. It is located in the heart of a 70 acre woodland park. It has a separate area for wedding and reception. The restaurant in the neighbour of the wedding room offers a refreshing and spacious area for reception. The venue incorporates the woodland through the wooden flooring and ceiling windows.

The venue also offers outdoor terrace for reception on a fine bright day. The wedding locations serve the guests with the freshly prepared savoury food. The wedding organisers welcome ideas and suggestions to make your day really special for you. Moreover, this dream wedding location, with its stunning scenes and woodlands, is best for the bride and groom photo shots.

The London art house is an exclusive wedding location. It has the capacity to accommodate about 200 guests. The individually hand-painted suites create an exclusive romantic atmosphere. The exceptional staffs take care of your comfort and enjoyment. It is really an exquisite location with exceptional services.

Ashiana banqueting hall provides right infrastructure for a well-organised and well-performed wedding ceremony. The venue provides planner for organising everything, seamlessly. It has a main hall suitable for wedding breakfast and evening receptions. It offers a wide range of packages to make your wedding a complete event.

The Glasgow Marriot hotel in Scotland offers versatile suites for the wedding breakfast and evening reception. The Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth Suites offer elegant and fully equipped rooms for the party. The Waverley suite is famous for its style. The room, flooded with natural daylight, offers a superb location for breakfast and religious ceremony.

Vale hotel Golf and Spa resort offers a comfortable and discriminating location for wedding. It provides you an opportunity to spend some day with your family in the landscaped gardens. It merges convenience and accessibility with the tranquillity and beauty of Glamorgan country side. It is famous for its luxurious accommodation and high quality delicious food variety.

Country houses can serve as the best wedding locations. Stoodleigh court is an expanded country house built on 25 acres of garden and woodlands. It is a stunning building located along the tree-lined driveway. The location is famous for organising truly memorable and stunning events. The experienced team of managers enable you to run a successful event. It attracts you through its captivating beauty and charm. Thus, United Kingdom provides diverse options to arrange a memorable event.

Weddings and Weather

I am writing this after another busy week-end of catering for weddings and thought it would be a good idea to talk through some of the pros and cons of the weather as it affects each and every couple that get married. As I write this it’s been one of the hottest week-ends of the year so far and that in itself has thrown up a few problems. The weather is something that nobody can control but plays a massive part in someone’s wedding day.

In an ideal world the weather would be warm and sunny with a bit of breeze, no need for coats, perfect for photos and everyone would be happy and cheerful. In reality that doesn’t happen. It’s too hot, too cold, too wet, too windy, very rarely perfect.

In a way winter weddings are best as no-one has any expectations. If it’s dry it’s a bonus, whereas in summer it’s difficult not to feel hard done by if the weather doesn’t conform. I’m writing this in early summer 2012. The year started with a glorious March, not just sunny but warm too. We had a few nice if cold week-ends in April but other than that it’s been bloody freezing. As we work mainly in marquees we’ve cranked up the heat but it’s the guests you’ve got to feel sorry for. All decked out in their summer clothes, expected to brave the elements for photos and then spending the rest of the day trying to warm up again! Then overnight we have a heat wave and everyone is moaning it’s too hot.

All the blokes with suits, waistcoats and cravats are absolutely dripping in sweat. A belligerent bride’s mum who won’t allow the men to take off their jackets as it spoils the look and babies screaming as they can’t cool down. One agitated man stormed up to me and demanded that I did something about the heat because everyone was too hot and it was spoiling the day. Well I think I’m pretty good at controlling most things but the sun is a step too far, bearing in mind that we were in someone’s garden at the time. The suggestion that perhaps he went inside where it was cooler was met with a look of pure disdain.

There are basic problems like keeping the white wine and champagne cold enough but the one problem we have in the winter keeping the red wine warm enough turns on its head and we have to try and keep it in the shade otherwise it ends up like mulled wine.

Check your menu choices. It may well be too late to change now but perhaps your caterer or venue could make some minimal changes to take into account the weather. For example on Saturday my bride changed from hot shrimps to cold shrimps, she changed her main course from roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes to roast sirloin of beef with a light jus, buttered jersey royals and summer vegetables and the assiette she had chosen she substituted the hot sticky toffee pudding for tangy lemon tart. It didn’t affect the price or the service, it just suited the day more. A perfect menu for a summers day.

If the budget allows arrange for some canapés to be served or even some dainty finger sandwiches. Hot weather, no food and lots of alcohol don’t go together. If there is no flexibility with the menu ask for the meal to be served a little slower than normal. Make sure the staff know that they have to keep the water jugs topped up as well as the wine.

Ask your hotel or venue if they can provide any fans. If not a quick trip to Ikea may be needed, especially if your venue has only got tiny windows. If you are having your reception in a marquee ask the wedding organiser or caterer to take all the sides down to allow a breeze through the marquee. One word of advice for both marquee and hotel weddings is to be careful with the table arrangements. Long tall arrangements can easily blow over even in the slightest breeze.

If the wedding is at home make sure there are plenty of garden umbrellas available so guests can find some shade. Make sure you serve soft drinks as well as alcohol and make sure water is available. If you aren’t in a hotel make sure you have plenty of refrigeration available or at least copious amounts of ice. There is nothing worse than serving warm white wine, beer or champagne and unless facilities are in place beforehand you won’t be able to cool it quick enough or for long enough.

Be relaxed about the men taking off their jackets once the formal photographs have been taken. There is nothing worse than sweltering through a three course meal with waistcoat, jacket and tie if it’s not necessary.

The other problem is midgies and flies. Midgies tend to be worse in the evening around dusk and its a good idea to have citronella candles which need to be lit just before dusk.

My final word of advice is important and especially important if the wedding is in say late October or it turns very hot after a sustained cold spell. Sun cream! Especially if you and your bridesmaids are wearing strapless dresses, or if dad, the groom or best man is bald or shaven headed and if there are any little ones in the bridal party. Usually if the wedding is in summer it’s something that happens automatically but if there is a very hot spell early in the year or late October when it’s unexpected them nobody ever thinks about it and what starts as a fantastic experience in the garden turns to painful red sunburn as the afternoon progresses. I’m an absolute sun worshiper but I’ve seen too many cases of sunburn over the years not to mention it.