Il Matrimonio Perfetto – The Perfect Wedding

Whatever happens in your life your wedding day is the one day with no second chances – everything has to be just right.

Have you ever dreamt of the perfect wedding set against a twinkling gold and azure shoreline, the warm Mediterranean air embracing your perfect service and mingling with the smell of citrus trees and the tang of the sea?

Well, not surprisingly these days more and more people are opting to go abroad for their weddings, and Italy being not only relatively local, culturally similar and having some of the most beautifully romantic locations in the world has become more and more popular.

Many of these people opt for a traditional Italian wedding set on the beautiful Amalfitana coast near Naples overlooking the stunning bay of Amalfi, or in Lombardy set by one of the Italian Lakes such as Lake Como, Lake Maggiore or Lake Garda.

There’s also the weather to take into account; in Italy you are almost guaranteed sunshine and a bright beautiful day whereas in the UK you always need to have your raincoat on standby, how many Great British weddings are painted with grey skies and punctuated with sudden downpours?

But, how do you go about organising something about this? What are the legal complications? What about the language, the ceremony?

This is where a specialist independent wedding planner comes into the equation. Most people use a wedding planner as they realise that they need someone with the organisational skills and on-the-ground knowledge that these specialists supply.

An independent wedding organiser sees their role as facilitator and communicator in the planning process thus ensuring that they bring the vision of your most romantic day to life.
Many of the couples who opt for an Italian wedding are professional couples in their thirties, forties or fifties who already know what they like and fully appreciate the need of having a professional planner sort out their day.

They hire someone to plan their trip and wedding service in Italy to keep control of it for them not to control it for them. The emphasis is always very much on the personal choice of the couple and not just forcing them down a particular route.

This is why independent Italian wedding organisers can be much more successful in meeting and surpassing your expectations, exactly because they are independent.

With the larger companies you may find yourself channelled in a particular way as it fits their ‘partner profile’ – i.e. you only get a choice of services from their partners and this can be limiting as quite often you are never told the full story about what could be available to you.