Reddy Weddings and Their Nuances

The big fat Indian weddings are the world’s grandest ceremony. A huge amount of money and luxurious efforts are spent in the Indian weddings. The difference in the culture throughout the borders of various states of India sees a totally different kind of wedding environment. The south Indian wedding ambiance can be easily differentiated from the north Indian wedding. But the most common fact regarding Indian weddings are that they are grand and huge amount of resources are used to plan and execute such big wedding ceremonies. Keep reading to know more about Reddy Matrimony.

For the South Indian communities in the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, the weddings are a quite different. Lots of VIP weddings are taking place. The grandest wedding ceremonies and reception you will come across are the Reddy Weddings. The Reddy’s are a forward class originated from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Reddy is a caste which came up through a lot of hurdles and are now among the top modern communities in the world. The Reddy weddings are the biggest and the grandest of all the south Indian marriages.

Reddy marriages come with a lot of pros and cons. The arrangements of the Reddy weddings are the most luxurious in south India. They are very popular for choosing their venue for the auspicious occasion of wedding and the reception. The current trend and competition in the event management have influenced the Reddy weddings a lot. Now, the Reddy community like to have the wedding organised in the most exotic or luxurious spots around the world. Expense is not a factor for these people.

Delights and Nuisances

The most exotic locations for a Reddy wedding can be on the coastal beaches of south India or the grandest fort in the different states of India. The location may also include a foreign country like the Europe and the Middle East. Reddy wedding is known for the expensive treats and delights that it offers to the guest. Choppers are used to provide transportation for the brides and the grooms. Luxury cars and cuisine are served for the guests. Popular celebrities are hired to perform at the day of wedding or on the day of the reception.

There are also Nuisances associated with the big fat Indian wedding. The Reddy’s have a much higher place in terms of nuisances created over the last few years. The wealthy community people are so much into the wedding celebration that they forget the presence of the other communities or societies around them. Playing loud music throughout the night in a locality is the most common nuisance of the weddings organised by the Reddy families. They hire popular disc jockey and belt out loud groovy music throughout the night that creates a problem for the neighborhood.

Other nuisances of the Rich and luxurious Reddy weddings are the use of expensive cars at the venue of the occasion or reception. Huge line of luxurious and big cars roam around the venue of the reception, blocking the traffic on the road and it is really disturbing for the other commuters. Thus, problem associated are many but can be surely handled and managed.