Some Simple Steps to Help You Become a Wedding Planner

They say that your Wedding day is by far the biggest event of your life. We have all been to countless Weddings and admired the meticulous organisation, attention to detail. From the beautiful flowers to the military like precision of the table layout. Can you imagine the feeling of job satisfaction if you job title was “Wedding Planner?”

With the average cost of a wedding being around £20,000 it is big business more and more couples are contracting professional wedding planner to ensure that their big day goes without a hitch.

1) Be organised – To organise Weddings you will need to be a highly organised and motivated individual with close industry contacts. Not only will you have to manage the guest list but also the catering, the decorations to name but a few.

2) Keep calm and carry on. Another key skill is the ability to remain calm in a crisis. You will have to deal with emotional brides and angry mother in laws. Exceptional people skills are essential. You will use your charm to and experience and add a feeling of calm to potentially stressful situations.

3) Are there any Courses I can take? Yes. There are plenty of home learning and college courses you can take will give you the foundations to go and become a wedding planner. You can learn invaluable techniques from the people who know.

4) Creative, creative, creative. All wedding organisers are explosively creative people. You will have hundreds of ideas. From colour schemes to wedding invites you will live and breathe weddings!

5) Next steps. There are so many opportunities for you. Why not get some work experience with an established wedding planner? Or if you feel like you are ready start putting some adverts in local magazines or public places. You could create a website and market yourself online?

Because you have what it takes you will be a professional Wedding planner within no time at all.

Go for it!